Whew, back in DC after a whirlwind two weeks in Michigan with family and friends! It’s 2010 and here we are, re-occupying our condo, sorting through a year’s worth of mail, and adjusting to the inevitable “re-entry” shock. (The biggest blow came when Tom’s mom pulled out her iPhone!) Even though we were in two nearly “first-world” countries, in comparison the U.S. definitely feels like a land of way-more-than-plenty.

Our lives have been enriched by the many, many people we met during our travels. We are so grateful for all of the new friendships, kindness, conversation, sleeping spaces provided and experiences shared. Thanks to all who followed our journey, kept us informed and supported us along the way. We truly look forward to the coming year, settling back into “real life”, reconnecting with everyone and enjoying the everyday adventures to be had in and around DC!

We put close to 1500 snowy miles on our rental car visiting friends and family in Michigan.


Our original flight home was eventually cancelled due to mechanical problems. After a 10-hour wait at the Buenos Aires airport, we were switched to another flight, sent to a hotel to eat and nap, and then got to wait in the check-in, immigration and security lines a second time. The whole situation was handled quite poorly on all sides (the most extreme being the passenger who demanded that the airline provide him with clean underwear and T-shirts because of the delay), so we were thrilled to make it to DC, albeit 13 hours later than expected and without luggage.

Perhaps because of the abrupt return to winter, perhaps because life in Buenos Aires was sooo distinct, surprisingly it almost feels like we never left. Yet spending so much time abroad does make certain things about life in the U.S. immediately stand out. The general friendliness of strangers, for example, along with the ease and efficiency of things (and competence of the airlines in the face of changed flights and lost luggage!) And at the same time I am reminded of aspects of Argentine culture that I hope to retain: the people rather than task focus, the sacredness of mealtime, taking the time to greet each and every person and a social event, and the resourcefulness that comes from living in an insecure economic environment.

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